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Get complete outbound call center service from Techmart BPO. We provide result-driven services for B2B and B2C products and services with standardized tactics.

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Professional Outreach

Your Outbound Marketing Campaigns Handled by Experts

Our outbound platform makes reaching all customers worldwide easier and markets your brand, product, and service with professionalism. Outsourcing your outbound telemarketing services to Techmart BPO will be a giant step in your company’s success. Our service will help you directly tap into your prospective market so that you can augment existing customers and captivate new audiences.

Our Services

Our Outbound Service Includes

Lead Generation

Appointment Setting

Market research

Cold calling B2C

B2B cold calling


How We Handle Calls

Our Expert Agents are Trained for Excellence

We hire expert professionals for various campaigns, provide extensive training, and keep our team up to date with technological advancements.

All of our industry specialists respond to every call promptly, solve issues, answer queries, convert leads into sales, and drive high customer satisfaction.

Start Outsourcing & Reap the Benefits that Scale with Time

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Outsource Outbound Telemarketing

Increase Your Brand Value by Partnering With Us.

From its inception, Techmart BPO has strived for perfection in the telemarketing industry. When it’s about outbound call center service or telemarketing, we ensure high quality sales conversion. Our flexible outsourcing solutions for your outbound call center needs can differentiate your brand, consolidate and optimize your operations.

With the latest telecommunication technologies, we will maximize the potential conversion of sales. So, why wait longer? Outsource today and get the best services ever.

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