Creating Opportunities and Driving Innovation

Techmart BPO was established to make an impact, and we have the undying vision to empower our footprint with countless activities that boost the society around us.

Introducing Opportunities

We Pave the Way for Future Talents

Techmart BPO strives to contribute toward the betterment of society with the help of talent, technology, and innovative ideas. We help you connect deeply with social and national welfare, ensuring significant involvement by clicking with customers worldwide.

Techmart BPO is here to embrace your customer with great care, empathy, integrity, and knowledge, building value with every interaction. Let’s work together and deliver experiences that stand out.

Innovation Underway

Creating Self-Sustaining Infrastructures

We strive to build the future for our country and its people with sheer dedication. Our efforts to establish self-sustaining infrastructures has gone a long way to introduce newer skills for individuals across the country. With over 1000 employees, and more joining in every day, we create an army of skilled workers capable of finding new ways to acquire and share skills with those around them. 

We wish to magnify our effect on society even further with the introduction of more innovative technologies that will one day make TechMart BPO the center of outsourcing activities.

Peoples in formal dress

Providing Aid for the Underprivileged

Techmart believes in giving back to the society and the country for which we endlessly try to gather and provide funds for the underprivileged families and children of this country. We are currently collaborating with other tech giants to bring in and distribute even more resources for those in need.

A fraction of our proceedings go to charity trust funds and we put in effort to do much more in the future.

Sponsoring Education for the Rural Populace

The availability of schools and colleges throughout rural areas are scarce, with even fewer numbers of people willing to attend them. We have established programs that allow us to set up funds to help increase the literacy rate of these regions with emphasis on building schools.

Our successful collaborations with other organizations has successfully helped us raise enough funds to make a proper impact on the economy of Bangladesh.

We Are Currently Partnered with Multiple Organizations to Bring Change and Stability.

Get Onboard with Industry Experts and Make a Difference

Our efforts to give back to society stands strong as our work ethics, and values define what we do. Get started with us and help us elevate the status of your business and the society around you.